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Dale Schendzielos completes two four-year terms as a Donala Director this month. Our thanks for great support and guidance over the years, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

A reminder – the election for Board of Directors for Dale’s position and 2 others takes place Tuesday, May 8th. The polling time and place is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Donala office located at 15850 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs. Voters must present their identification to receive a ballot.

Candidates running for office are: Two positions for four-year terms – Bill George, Gene Thornton, and Ken Judd and one position for two-year term: Tim Wheeler, Gar Graham, and Bob Denny.

We will welcome and swear in the new Board of Directors at the next board meeting held May 17th at 1:30 p.m.



As has been well publicized, this has been a dry winter – both on the Front Range and in the Mountains. The snow pack is at 50% of average as we write this article. That definitely will affect us at the Willow Creek Ranch. How much consumptive use water we get off the ranch this year remains to be seen, but it likely won’t be our allotted average.

Unlike Colorado Springs, we have the luxury of both “water worlds” now – snow pack surface water from the ranch, and deep well water from the Denver Basin. However, we bought the Willow Creek Ranch for its renewable water to decrease the demand on our depleting wells. The more we have to run the wells to make up for the lack of snow melt, the more we defeat the purpose.

Also unlike Colorado Springs, Donala does not have the luxury of full reservoirs – stocked from previous years of snow melt. So although Colorado Springs Utilities has announced they will not need to restrict irrigation this year, not so in Donala. Our irrigation restriction program will continue as follows. Frankly, we do not agree with CSU that simply because their reservoirs are full this year they shouldn’t limit excess irrigation in preparafor the inevitable shortage next year.


Donala’s summer irrigation restriction program will be in effect Monday May 28 - Tuesday, September 4, 2012 

RESIDENTIAL homeowners with odd house numbers will water Monday, Wednesday and Friday while those with even numbered house numbers will water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Irrigation times for both residential and commercial accounts are from midnight to 9am and 6 pm to midnight on assigned days; therefore, please do not water between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Colorado State University reports that watering at night does not contribute to disease development. Watering 3x/week is more than enough to keep a bluegrass lawn healthy!

Townhome and commercial accounts are assigned water days as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Antelope Trails Elementary Academy View Storage

Club Villa Townhomes Bethesda Executive Office Bldgs.

Eagle Villas Townhomes Donald Wescott Fire Dept

Falcon’s Nest III HOA Eagle Point HOA

Gleneagle Exec. Center Gleneagle Civic Association

Gleneagle Golf Club and Greens Gleneagle Townhomes

Gleneagle North HOA Nichlas Court Patio Homes

Gleneagle Square Shopping Center Paradise Villa Townhomes

Peoples National Bank Shops in the Glen

Ridge at Fox Run HOA Struthers Ranch I HOA

Ridge Point Apartments Sun Mesa Townhomes

Summer GlenTownhomes Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Sunrise Townhomes


Warmer than average temperatures and sporadic precipitation during April has prompted early budding in many trees and shrubs. However, many woody plants show no signs of life yet other than flexible branches. These plants may not be dead or dying, they could just be adapted to avoid the stress of our spring freeze/thaw cycles by leafing out later. Resist the temptation to remove these unbudded, unleafed plants from your landscape now. Apply a little water once a week with a hand-held hose (shrubs less than 3 ft. diameter: 5 gallons, shrubs larger than 6 ft. diameter: 18 gallons, trees: 10 gallons per inch of trunk diameter.) Give them until the middle of June when the frosts are truly over to break dormancy, unfurl their leaves and catch up with the rest of the garden.

Bluegrass lawns are beginning to green up also. They can really benefit from core aeration now while the soil is still soft enough to permit deep plugs of soil to be removed. Cores should be removed 2-3 inches apart, and should be left on the lawn to decompose. Yes, it looks like 1001 Dalmatians have visited your lawn, but the effect diminishes in 2-3 weeks and valuable nutrients will be recycled back in to the grass. Core aeration also encourages deeper water penetration into the sod so longer, more drought-resistant root systems can be developed.


We distributed a landscape brochure in March with excellent tips for irrigation and landscaping. It can also be accessed on our website at