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The conservation update is for the month of June which has continued to be hot and sunny, but we have had the benefit of several spotty storms throughout the District. The National Weather Service Drought Information contains mixed news. July was forecast to be near normal in the temperature range. The balance of the summer is projected to have better chances for above normal temps with precipitation being “anyone’s guess” (I’ve paraphrased their statement).  

Water production vs. demand has been variable, due to the storms. As a result of the storms, along with the conservation we have recorded, in June of 2013, our customers used 14.445 million gallons less. This equates to 44.3 acre feet less. The highest production day in June of 2013 resulted in 2,258,907 gallons being produced vs. 2,383,866 in 2012. In reviewing the production records for the month it is evident that a majority of our customers are complying with the twice weekly standards.  

Properties using in Excess of 40,000 gallons

May Report = 4                       June = 35                               


Properties using in Excess of 30,000 gallons             

May Report = 12                     June = 121                              

To date, the District has issued 132 (56 in June) 1st Warning Letters; and only 1, 2nd Violation Notice. We are seeing a great deal of voluntary compliance with our Phase 3 standards.


By the time this newsletter has gone to the printers we should have brought the new website online. You won’t notice major design changes in the layout, but we are continually working to bring to you a website that is informative, easy to navigate and is interactive as well. We now have the ability to immediately post alerts, time sensitive notices and general notices. We are also including social media in our web development, such as Twitter and Facebook, which will help us to keep our customers advised of District activities. I would appreciate feedback on the website; what is working, what doesn’t work, and other suggestions that help you, as our customer, be more informed.



We often receive phone calls for account balances and other information on water bills. Because of privacy laws, we will only provide such information to individuals named on the account. Financial information (such as amounts owed on a bill) is considered privileged. At times this becomes an issue when there is a divorce, or a tenant/landlord dispute, and the individual named on the account has moved out and is no longer taking responsibility for the bill.

To avoid confusion and to be sure the correct name(s) are on the account, take a look at the names on the accompanying bill. If the name(s) are incorrect, or you want someone added or deleted, please send or fax (488-3110), or email a letter stating so to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Over the last several summers, many of Donala’s customers have undertaken the conversion from a full bluegrass lawn, to a combination of xeriscaping and grass, or even a full xeriscape yard. There are many outstanding examples of such conversions throughout the District. One common area that is often overlooked during construction is the location of the “curb stop”. This is the location in your yard, most often found in the front, where the District can access the water line going to your house to shut the water off for repairs, if necessary. This ‘curb stop” is normally installed at ground level, but is left uncovered from soil, or other landscaping, to allow for access. It is important to know where this curb stop is located when you are undertaking substantial landscaping to avoid burying the important part of the water system. We have experienced homeowners who have created a beautiful landscaping, but have inadvertently buried the curb stop under 3-4 feet of mulch, or soil, and have planted shrubs, or even trees, on top of the mound. When this happens and there is a need to shut the water off, there is no other alternative but for the homeowner to remove the ground cover so that Donala employees can shut the water off. I strongly urge anyone considering landscape renovation to know where the curb stop is and avoid placing material, or living plants, on top of the curb stop. If you are unsure of the location, give us a call and we will schedule a time to come out, locate and mark the location, so that the landscape contractor is aware. This simple step in the beginning will prevent costly, and time consuming, problems in the future. Remember, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep the curb stop accessible.    


We like to periodically remind our customers that our direct payment program is available. If you would like to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, please call us or come to our office at 15850 Holbein Drive to obtain information on the program and to fill out the necessary forms to authorize the withdrawals or download the form off the website ( under “Customer Assistance”.   We will need a voided check to be sent along with the completed paperwork to ensure the correct account number is accessed. All authorized signatories on the account must sign the forms. We are pleased to offer this program for your convenience and there is no charge for this service.