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We are Not Colorado Springs!

I wanted to grab your attention with this headline as we have received multiple calls about some confusion generated between Donala’s irrigation days and the City of Colorado Springs irrigation days. With the many television spots that Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has aired advising customers of their watering standards, it has created some confusion since our watering days are different than CSU’s. As a reminder, the Phase 3 standards allow lawn irrigation under the following schedule:

        Residential: Odd number addresses – water on Monday and Friday

                          Even number addresses (& ending in zero) – water on Tuesday and Saturday

             Commercial properties: They have their assigned two days not based upon address.

You may water your lawn, on the assigned day, between midnight and 9am and 6 pm to midnight. If irrigation occurs in the middle of the day, you are wasting not only the majority of the water, but your money as well. Irrigating during the hottest time of the day, which is also usually the windiest, causes the water to evaporate before it is able to actually reach the root system of the grass, or other plant material. Every drop of water that doesn’t reach the root system is wasted water, and wasted money for you, the customer.

Our website ( is a great source of information on how to keep your lawn looking as good as possible under these drought conditions.

No Relief in Sight

While we had a very enjoyable May, as far as temperatures and moisture go, June is not being nearly as forgiving. Northern El Paso County, which includes our service area, has experienced a major fire, which has impacted our community in many ways. The District has emergency procedures in place to address such natural disasters, unfortunately we cannot stop such occurrences, we can only respond with the resources we have. In the case of a major fire, we are keeping our water tanks full and ask everyone to conserve as much water as possible. We do make our resources available to firefighters if requested; however, we do insure that our community has top priority for water used for fighting fires if it comes to that. In case of an emergency, please visit our website frequently for any relevant information on water usage.


The Black Forest fire not only did a lot of damage and displaced a bunch of folks, but reminded us that many of the Donala customers do not have the correct phone numbers or email addresses associated with their accounts. Please call 488-3603 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide us with correct home phone, work and cell numbers along with a current email address (in your emails please provide us with the property address to attach the information to). This is very important information for us to have in case of an emergency situation.


Conservation Update

Each month during the irrigation season, we will provide you a summary of how district customers are complying with our Irrigation Standards. This summary is for the month of May, 2013:

                                                76, First Warning letters sent out

                                                1, Second Violation Notice Sent out


                                    Use in excess of 40,000 gallons for May – 4 properties

                                    Use in excess of 30,000 gallons for May – 12 properties

To put these numbers in perspective, on average, one household will use 162,925 gallons in an entire year, including irrigation. It is very easy to note when the irrigation season is starting up as the District’s water demands spike. We recorded, at the beginning of May, the District was producing approximately 550,000 gallons a day to meet our demand, and by May 15, that number had jumped to 1,100,000 gallons per day. By mid-June, this number is now peaking around 2,175,000 gallons on designated irrigation days. On non-irrigation days this number is around 850,000 gallons produced per day.

From all observations, a large majority of the District’s customers are abiding by the Phase 3 Irrigation Standards, and for that we extend our thanks. For those who believe that “pushing the limits” of the standards won’t hurt the District, please remember that a great deal of water can be conserved if we all work together, but our efforts can be undone by a minority who don’t abide by the standards.

Monthly rainfall as of June 18 - .31 inches

Rainfall to date for 2013 – 1.51 inches (half way through the year)

Drop Boxes

We would like to remind you that there are 3 drop box locations, for payments, within the District.

  • Gleneagle Shops between       the Loaf-n-Jug and Taos Restaurant parking area – see the row of drop boxes by the U.S. Mail      Box          
  • King Soopers on Baptist Road – as you enter the store it is on      the right side of the entrance, near the U.S. Mail Box
  • 15850 Holbein Road, at the entry on the left side of the driveway      to our Main Building.

                        Please do not deposit cash in the drop boxes

Or – if you are interested ask us about automatic withdrawal – with the payment made on the 20th of each month; therefore, no penalties and no extra charges are associated with this method of payment. The form and instructions are on the website under customer assistance.

We welcome the District’s new General Manager Kip Petersen.

He has an open door policy and welcomes your phone calls and/or emails.

(719) 488-3603   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.