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PHASE 2 --Starts Memorial Day through Labor Day. 


PHASE 1 – Voluntary outdoor irrigation standards to no more than three times per week using the “odd-even” program and prescribed daily watering schedule. 

PHASE 2 – Mandatory outdoor irrigation standards of no more than three times per week, using the "odd-even" program and prescribed daily watering schedule, normally between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  No watering between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

 -Odd numbered addresses will water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

 -Even numbered addresses will water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only.       


PHASE 3 – Mandatory outdoor irrigation standards of no more than two times per week starting and ending as determined. 

                   -Odd numbered addresses will water on Monday and Friday only (not Wednesday).

                   -Even numbered addresses will water Tuesday and Saturday only (Not Thursday).       

Irrigation times are from midnight to 9 am and 6 pm to midnight on assigned days.   

Outdoor landscape watering shall not exceed: a) For residential users, three (3) hours each designated watering day; and b) for commercial users, twenty (20) minutes per zone or area for pop up fixed spray sprinklers and forty five (45) minutes per zone or area for pop up rotary type sprinklers (including, but not limited to, impact or gear drive).  Please no watering on Sunday.


PHASE 4 – No outdoor watering until further notice.

PHASE 5 – Emergency “rolling shutoffs.”  The central water distribution will be shut down by sections to be determined hours at a time, curtailing all use in that particular zone for a number of hours.

Obviously, PHASE 5 is just as it sounds – a dire emergency.  Examples would be if our entire water system were shut down due to extended power outage, earthquake etc.  It could also be because of a fire emergency where water is needed for firefighting.

PHASE 4 would also be a severe situation and likely involve a failure in our supply system.



Phase 1 and Phase 2: 

Residential homeowners with odd house numbers will water Monday, Wednesday and Friday while those with even numbered house numbers will water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.   No watering on Sundays.

Townhome and commercial accounts are assigned water days as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday                                           Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Antelope Trails Elementary                                                Academy View Storage                

Club Villa Townhomes                                                        Bethesda Executive Office Bldgs.

Eagle Villas Townhomes                                                     Big “R”

Falcon’s Nest III HOA                                                          Donald Wescott Fire Dept.

Gleneagle Exec. Center                                                      Eagle Point HOA

Gleneagle Golf club & Greens                                            Gleneagle Civic Association

Gleneagle North HOA                                                         Gleneagle Townhomes

Gleneagle Square Shopping Center                                   Holy Trinity Church

Peoples National Bank                                                        Nichlas Court Patio Homes

Ridge at Fox Run HOA                                                        Paradise Villa Townhomes

Ridge Pointe Apartments                                                    Shops in the glen

Summer Glen Townhomes                                                  Struthers Ranch HOA

Sunrise Townhomes                                                            Sun Mesa townhomes


Phase 3:   Only water twice per week!!!!

Same as phase one and two, except that –

Odd numbered addresses & assigned commercial: Monday, Wednesday, Friday irrigators do not water on Wednesday.

Even numbered addresses & assigned commercial: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday irrigators do not water on Thursday.

Irrigation times are from midnight to 9 am and 6 pm to midnight on assigned days.  Colorado State University reports that watering at night does not contribute to disease development.          


Mowing preserves the beauty of your lawn:                                                                

  • Minimum height for any bluegrass lawn is 2 inches.  Preferred mowing height for bluegrass is 2.5-3 inches.
  • Mow often enough so that no more than 1/3 of the grass height is removed at any single mowing.  If weather or another factor prevents mowing at the proper time, raise the height of the mower temporarily to avoid cutting too much at one time.  Cut the grass again a few days later at the raised mowing height.
  • Let grass clippings fall back onto the lawn.  Grass clippings provide a source of recycled nutrients and organic matter for the lawn.  They do not contribute to thatch accumulation.
  • Check mowing equipment for sharpness.  Dull mower blades shred leaf blades instead of cutting them cleanly, resulting in a brown unattractive lawn.  If you water adequately and your lawn is still brown, check the sharpness of your mower blade!

Please understand that this program is just one of several conservation measures we are taking in order to maintain our water supply.  It is important for the longevity of our system, and eventually for the value of your property.

                                                 We thank you in advance for your cooperation.